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[*Introduce Yourself, if you have just joined]
Virtual chit chat, Musings and Discussion of topics not found elsewhere in the BiC Forum.
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2122 14029 Last Post Yesterday at 20:34
In: Re: The Banks are Closed
By: Fowles
Cost of Living in Greece
RSS Feed - Cost of Living in Greece Cost of Living in Greece
Just show much does it cost to live in Crete? 20% cheaper than UK?
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84 2458 Last Post 24. May 2015 at 09:46
By: Kefalas
#Greek_Island of Crete : #Xpat #News and Events
RSS Feed - #Greek_Island of Crete : #Xpat #News and Events #Greek_Island of Crete : #Xpat #News and Events  (1 Viewing)
Building a Spirit of Community - Let's hear it for the Bazaars, Fund Raisers, Gatherings, Amateur Drama Clubs, Gardening Clubs, Court Cases, Earthquakes, holidaymaker antics, births, deaths, weddings, missing persons and Cretan festivals.
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949 2356 Last Post Today at 17:43
In: Giant Georgioupolis Bootf...
By: chocaholic
#Greek_Travel Notice Board
RSS Feed - #Greek_Travel Notice Board #Greek_Travel Notice Board
Log the latest info on Getting to and from Greece. New Flights, Ferries, Overland Costs in Europe, Best Routes, Cheap Fares, Discount Tickets.
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262 1364 Last Post 17. Jun 2015 at 15:38
In: #Lufthansa Group Adds New...
By: admin
#Latest_News and Events from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales
RSS Feed - #Latest_News and Events from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales #Latest_News and Events from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales
Share the Nutty, Earth Shattering and Bizarre News from the Britain Isles homeland!
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183 998 Last Post 08. Jun 2015 at 09:02
In: Re: Brexit
By: latsida
  RSS Feed - #Working_in_Crete #Working_in_Crete Topics Posts Last Post
#Jobs_in_Crete Summer 2015 - Employers Post Here
RSS Feed - #Jobs_in_Crete Summer 2015 - Employers Post Here #Jobs_in_Crete Summer 2015 - Employers Post Here
EMPLOYERS in Crete/Greece, post your vacancies, for FREE, full time, part time, temporary, seasonal, casual.
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156 591 Last Post 05. Jan 2015 at 15:47
In: Lead singer and musicians...
By: hotspot
#Summer_Jobs 2015 in Crete - Jobseekers Post Here
RSS Feed - #Summer_Jobs 2015 in Crete - Jobseekers Post Here #Summer_Jobs 2015 in Crete - Jobseekers Post Here
If you want a job, tell employers what you have to offer and join the forum (it is free). State your availability and skills.
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155 309 Last Post 21. Jun 2014 at 04:42
In: Re: #Crete - Jobs Availab...
By: Kefalas
  RSS Feed - Property in Crete (Real Estate) Property in Crete (Real Estate) Topics Posts Last Post
Crete Property: Q&A's - buying, selling, property off-plan, legal, architects, regulations
RSS Feed - Crete Property: Q&A's - buying, selling, property off-plan, legal, architects, regulations Crete Property: Q&A's - buying, selling, property off-plan, legal, architects, regulations
Any and everything about buying, selling, property off-plan, legal, architects, regulations.
For home builders, developers, real estate agents and their reputation please use the "Crete Property Uncovered" board.
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327 1840 Last Post 14. Jun 2014 at 03:56
In: Re: Houses in Chania
By: Peebee
Long Term Rentals - Wanted
RSS Feed - Long Term Rentals - Wanted Long Term Rentals - Wanted
Long Term means 28 days+. Explain what and the general area on Crete/Greece where you wish to rent.
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187 518 Last Post 03. Dec 2014 at 10:23
In: 2 bed property wanted mal...
By: laurauk
Long Term Rentals - Offered
RSS Feed - Long Term Rentals - Offered Long Term Rentals - Offered
Here is the place to put your house or apartment to rent out for longer than 28DAYS with as many pics as possible - it works! No agents or real estate companies.
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138 396 Last Post 15. Sep 2014 at 08:43
Holiday Lettings :: Short Term Lets Offered and Wanted
RSS Feed - Holiday Lettings :: Short Term Lets Offered and Wanted Holiday Lettings :: Short Term Lets Offered and Wanted
If you have licensed accommodation up to 12 rooms, promote your project here. It helps to state yr location and rental rate + photos, photos photos! If YOU seek a holiday let here's the place to let local owners know your requirements.
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59 149 Last Post 10. May 2015 at 02:23
In: Re: Christiana Villa Lake...
By: sxristia
#Crete: List Here Your Home For Sale
RSS Feed - #Crete: List Here Your Home For Sale #Crete: List Here Your Home For Sale
List your Private Home in Crete or rest of Greece here + the price, and contact details. Be as detailed as possible. Attach a picture or two - it works.
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88 250 Last Post 07. Jun 2015 at 07:37
In: Re: House For sale Crete
By: Fowles
#Crete Property Uncovered
RSS Feed - #Crete Property Uncovered #Crete Property Uncovered
This board specifically for Q&A on the reputation of house builders, property developers, real estate agents in Crete and Greece.
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37 401 Last Post 28. Jun 2014 at 11:52
In: Re: Crete Home Finders an...
By: limnes
  RSS Feed - Crete Classifieds Crete Classifieds Topics Posts Last Post
For Sale Adverts in Greece
RSS Feed - For Sale Adverts in Greece For Sale Adverts in Greece
"Crete Classifieds". Second hand items (private, not commercial) items less than 5,000 Euros. (Anything legal except houses, land or biz for sale). No EBAY or other auction sites. STATE YOUR AREA OR LOCATION YOU ARE IN!
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1189 2889 Last Post 27. Jun 2015 at 04:42
By: joyous jane
Items Wanted: Advertise Here to Exchange, Buy or Recycle.
RSS Feed - Items Wanted: Advertise Here to Exchange, Buy or Recycle. Items Wanted: Advertise Here to Exchange, Buy or Recycle.
Don't be shy, post your "Wanted" classified advert. You need a second hand bike? A second hand car? Second Hand furniture? Even a second hand-me-down donkey? Hee-haw. Exchange, Buy or Barter. Go for it.
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615 1499 Last Post 23. May 2015 at 16:58
In: Fridge
By: Greentea
Self Promotion :: Tradesmen and Women
RSS Feed - Self Promotion :: Tradesmen and Women Self Promotion :: Tradesmen and Women
This Board is for self employed people STARTING A BUSINESS! or earn a side income in Crete or elsewhere in Greece targeting the ex-pat community.
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149 595 Last Post 09. Apr 2015 at 19:37
In: Re: Trellis Panels
By: Ian
  RSS Feed - Living In Crete Living In Crete Topics Posts Last Post
#Expat Life on Crete
RSS Feed - #Expat Life on Crete #Expat Life on Crete
What's new on Supermarkets (Bazaar, Makro, Carrafour, Carrefour Express, Marinopoulos, Xalkiadakis, Ariadne, I.N.K.A, Kokolakis, Lidl auf Kreta etc their location. Other outlets IKEA maybe?, Schools? play groups? kindergartens? local CAB's(KEP), driving centres, MOT centres, etc.
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507 3261 Last Post 16. Jun 2015 at 12:17
In: #Krivek - New Outlet Mali...
By: admin
Health Matters in #Crete
RSS Feed - Health Matters in #Crete Health Matters in #Crete
Prescriptions, kids, doctors, hospitals, Is Crete good for my health? Let it out here.
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149 764 Last Post 26. Mar 2015 at 07:47
In: Re: Partly living on Cret...
By: Kefalas
#Pensions and #Retirement Living
RSS Feed - #Pensions and #Retirement Living #Pensions and #Retirement Living
Handling British, Irish and Greek pensions. The usual questions and experiences about retirement - living, housing, communities, insurance benefits, age - specifically related to Crete.
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24 170 Last Post 05. May 2015 at 13:44
In: Re: Cremation in Greece
By: Fowles
Your Money, #Forex, Banking
RSS Feed - Your Money, #Forex, Banking Your Money, #Forex, Banking
Sending money to UK, from UK, buying a property, getting best rate -discuss here
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45 383 Last Post 18. May 2015 at 21:21
In: Current £ deposit rates...
By: admin
Keeping a Cool Head - #Crete Bureaucracy and Paperwork
RSS Feed - Keeping a Cool Head - #Crete Bureaucracy and Paperwork Keeping a Cool Head - #Crete Bureaucracy and Paperwork
Ask Here to sort out the "how to" set up a business, self employment, work permits, health certificates, car tax - even wedding and funeral arrangements.
Moderators: admin, eleni, Mod2
153 964 Last Post 19. May 2015 at 08:19
In: Re: Latest Tax Returns ::...
By: latsida
#Crete_Pets_Animal_Welfare and Pets Corner
RSS Feed - #Crete_Pets_Animal_Welfare and Pets Corner #Crete_Pets_Animal_Welfare and Pets Corner  (2 Viewing)
Pets to Greece? Returning to UK? Wanna join an animal support group, Pet grooming, their diet and health? This is the place. Also see link at top of page right hand side.
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468 1902 Last Post 25. Jun 2015 at 17:06
In: Re: Sweeping tails
By: Mrs S
Footy Board + Sports Chatter
RSS Feed - Footy Board + Sports Chatter Footy Board + Sports Chatter  (1 Viewing)
Tell us who you support and keep us up to date. No hooligans allowed though. :-)
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197 977 Last Post 14. Dec 2014 at 05:52
In: Re: unexpected guest
By: admin
Crete Food & Wine Experiences
RSS Feed - Crete Food & Wine Experiences Crete Food & Wine Experiences
Everything about food and wine in Crete. Share your culinary experiences from The Cretan Diet, to local recipes and your wining and dining experiences around Crete. Share it all here.
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135 810 Last Post 03. Dec 2014 at 05:05
In: Wining & Dining Recommend...
By: admin
For Men
RSS Feed - For Men For Men
Guys, sometimes, just sometimes, you like to do your thing. Board now open to all.
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9 34 Last Post 28. May 2014 at 10:42
In: Re: POLL:Your favourite T...
By: cakeordeath
For Ladies
RSS Feed - For Ladies For Ladies
Podiatrists? Facials Specialist? Where to get a PH Test? Knitting groups? Ladies. Board now open to all.
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31 123 Last Post 06. Mar 2015 at 09:26
In: Re: Flour
By: joyous jane
#Learn_Greek #Speak_Greek
RSS Feed - #Learn_Greek #Speak_Greek #Learn_Greek #Speak_Greek
#Μιλάτε_τα_ελληνικά; (Do YOU Speak Greek?) If not why not? Municipalities run free lessons. All about that and more here.
Moderators: admin, eleni, Mod2
45 230 Last Post 11. Dec 2014 at 08:59
In: Re: Colloquial Greek at i...
By: Kefalas
  RSS Feed - Crete Environment Crete Environment Topics Posts Last Post
#Gardening_in_Crete and Local Flora and Fauna
#Gardening_in_Crete and Local Flora and Fauna
Meet fellow expats at gardening clubs. Crete's climate is North African along the coastal South of Crete; true Mediterranean along the North coast with cold winter winds and Alpine on central Peaks. Crete is an easy place to grow your own veggies and flowers, plus citrus, olives and fig trees; apples and pears on the plateaus.
Moderators: admin, Mod2
206 1276 Last Post 11. May 2015 at 11:51
In: Elderflower Trees Aghios...
By: Fowles
RSS Feed - #Historic_Crete #Historic_Crete
Moderators: admin, Mod2
24 46 Last Post 06. Dec 2012 at 20:41
In: Reg Saunders - first abor...
By: limnes
Make Crete Greener
RSS Feed - Make Crete Greener Make Crete Greener
Moderators: admin, Mod2
6 32 Last Post 06. Dec 2014 at 08:18
In: Re: Does it pay back to i...
By: Kefalas
  RSS Feed - Internet, Satellite TV, Computers, Mobile/Wireless Internet, Satellite TV, Computers, Mobile/Wireless Topics Posts Last Post
#Internet in #Crete, Telecoms, Your Computer issues
RSS Feed - #Internet in #Crete, Telecoms, Your Computer issues #Internet in #Crete, Telecoms, Your Computer issues
MAY 30, 2015 "COMPUTERS AND COMPUTING" merged into this board! Internet? Wi-Fi? Broadband? To Use Forthnet, OTE or newcomer, CYTA for fast broadband? + Helping each other with computer problems, setting up etc.
Moderators: admin, eleni, Mod2
279 1941 Last Post 15. Jun 2015 at 04:42
In: Mac Users
By: Kefalas
#SatelliteTV in Crete
RSS Feed - #SatelliteTV in Crete #SatelliteTV in Crete
For Sat-TV installation ... UK domestic TV channels in Greece? ..... What about UK Sky TV in Crete? Pass on tips to help fellow residents.
Moderators: admin, eleni, Mod2
150 946 Last Post 25. May 2015 at 06:10
By: Kefalas
  Off Topic Topics Posts Last Post
#Brits and #Irish #Living_In_Greece
RSS Feed - #Brits and #Irish #Living_In_Greece #Brits and #Irish #Living_In_Greece
Crete has one of the larger concentrations of British and Irish ex-pats in Greece. Lets us hear and compare what it is like in other parts of Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Spain - wherever.
Moderators: admin, Mod2
26 107 Last Post 05. May 2015 at 12:11
In: Latest on Bank Repossessi...
By: admin
BiC Housekeeping
RSS Feed - BiC Housekeeping BiC Housekeeping
Use this board to discuss the workings of the BiC Forum.
Moderator: Mod2
121 749 Last Post 30. May 2015 at 14:02
In: Merger of Boards 30-5-201...
By: admin
The Lighter Side!
RSS Feed - The Lighter Side! The Lighter Side!
Keep any jokes clean. No video clips and you'll be fine.. If your humour is of a milder variety, please do not make an issue of the intensity of the jokes here. We do not all share the same values and standards, let alone the same humour.
Moderators: admin, eleni, Mod2
549 1004 Last Post 25. Mar 2015 at 13:02
In: Careful,
#Words and Music
RSS Feed - #Words and Music #Words and Music
A place to share the enjoyment of quotations, sayings, poems, writings, wish lists, Cretan mandinadas. Please recommend Music tracks you like, good reading, new books. etc
Moderators: admin, eleni, Mod2
41 705 Last Post 04. May 2015 at 13:06
In: #Poem When is Black White...
By: admin
Social Networks - #Twitter #Facebook #Linkedin #Instagram #Foursquare #Pinterest #Tumblr
RSS Feed - Social Networks - #Twitter #Facebook #Linkedin #Instagram #Foursquare #Pinterest #Tumblr Social Networks - #Twitter #Facebook #Linkedin #Instagram #Foursquare #Pinterest #Tumblr
Add those social networks' sites offered in our set up to your "Member Profile" (User CP Button). Do you like or loathe Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, technorati,, You Tube, Flickr, Pinterest, Foursquare, Instagram, Digg, Weibo, Tumblr?
Moderators: admin, Mod2
19 36 Last Post 09. Jun 2015 at 23:08
In: #Pinterest and #Airbnb Of...
By: admin
  RSS Feed - Tourism - Crete Holidays, Greek Vacation Tourism - Crete Holidays, Greek Vacation Topics Posts Last Post
Things to do
RSS Feed - Things to do Things to do
While Spinalonga and Knossos are the leading places to go and see, Crete tourism is changing rapidly. If you find there is a new attraction, let us know about it and review it. You let us know also of visitor comments on Crete.
Moderators: admin, Mod2
4 13 Last Post 15. Feb 2014 at 07:20
In: Re: Village museums
By: Kephalian
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De werkelijkheid van het leven, het leven van de Emigrant in Kreta Griekenland, zoals die door de ogen van de Britse ingezetenen wordt gezien. | Die Wirklichkeit von leben die Überseelebensdauer in Kreta Griechenland, wie durch die Augen der britischen Bewohner gesehen. | La réalité de la vie, la vie d'outre-mer en Crète Grèce, comme vu par les yeux des résidants britanniques. | Realtà di vivere, la vita espatriata in Creta Grecia, come visto attraverso gli occhi dei residenti britannici. | V tat a k člen určit "Brit do Kreta" "BritsinCrete" tkanivo poloha. | A realidade de viver, a vida expatriate em Creta Grecia, como visto através dos olhos dos residentes britânicos. | La realidad de vivir, la vida expatriada en Creta Grecia, según lo visto a través de los ojos de los residentes británicos. | Живущ в Крете, межсуточная жизнь на греческом острове Креты для эмигрировавших резидентов. | Ζωντανός στην Κρήτη, καθημερινή ζωή στο ελληνικό νησί της Κρήτης για τους εκπατριζόμενους κατοίκους. | クレタに住んでいる、国外居住の常駐員のためのクレタのギリシャの島の日常の生命。| aae:Kret ar: كريت bs:Kreta bg:Крит ca:Creta cat:Creta cs:Kréta cym:Creta da:Kreta de:Kreta et:Kreeta el:Κρήτη es:Creta eo:Kreto eu:Kreta eus:Kreta fr:Crète he: כרתים hrv:Krit ko:크리티 지역 hr:Kreta id:Kreta is:Krít it:Creta la:Creta lb:Kreta lv:Krēta lb:Kreta lt:Kreta hu:Kréta nl:Kreta ja:クレタ島 no:Kreta pl:Kreta pt:Creta ro:Creta ru:Крит sl:Kreta sr:Крит fi:Kreeta sv:Kreta tr:Girit vec:Creta zho: 克里特 Crete. Βριτσιν is another display type!


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