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Locked Topic Advice: Sending Money To Greece or Repatriating Home (Read 2298 times)
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Advice: Sending Money To Greece or Repatriating Home
22. Feb 2010 at 05:13
CURRENCY EXCHANGE - Sending Money to Greece - or, Repatriating home - Buying a Property - Paying Monthly Installments (mortgage/insurance/uni fees) - Emergency Funds - Greek Insurance Premiums - Large or Small Amounts + Monthly Payments - Currency Exchange by Foreign Currency Direct plc - SENDING MONEY HOME -  
We recommend you use a specialist currency broker in Foreign Currency Direct plc

They provide a first class level of personal service at highly competitive exchange rates, to save you time and money on your property purchase or other transfer of funds. Please contact Cameron on 0800 328 5884 at local call rate in UK, or +44 1494 725353 from elsewhere, mentioning BritsinCrete to receive preferential rates or click through to the FCD's website for more information.

There are no commission charges with FCD, and you can get a quote without any cost or obligation. Typical savings against typical local bank branches can run into thousands of pounds, and you can secure and guarantee exchange rates for up to 2 years ahead, for peace of mind in avoiding volatility in the foreign exchange markets.

You can send regular payments as mortgage or regular payments, for example month by month to cover insurance premiums, loan repayments or any other need such as emergency funds.
Need to SEND FUNDS BACK HOME? FCD also can help in the reverse direction, after selling your house or need to send regular payments. Rates likely will be cheaper than the banks. It costs nothing to ask FCD.

PS: By mentioning BritsinCrete when FCD asks you who introduced you, you help keep this website afloat. You will not get a better deal by omitting to mention us.
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