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Normal Topic New Awakening Required to British Politics (Read 239 times)
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New Awakening Required to British Politics
19. Mar 2017 at 16:22
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What with Nicola doing her bit to interrupt #Brexit and God knows what else, we need to have a new approach to #British politics. With #Shariah Law just round the corner dominating UK politics, I find it to so pathetic at the little interest there is from regular UK voters who should be concerned about the future of the values that have directed our country since 1066. That includes the fight against Islam by Christians starting with the #Crusades in the 12th Century.

Please just check out the history of Islam you will be utterly shocked at how brutal it is.  While it is true that 2/3rds of Muslims say they are "peace loving" but that leaves another 300,000,000 adherents around the world who want to kill all Infidels (that is you and me) so that the world will be dominated by Islamic values. Islam is in fact an ideology before it is a faith, and a hateful war mongering one at that. Dominated by the sword in the olden days to grow, today it uses the weapon of producing many more children over western cultures' birthrates.

Brits have really got to wake up to the realities. That is just like the happenings in Canada right now where #Jihardi #JustinTrudeau Government is introducing a motion leading to a new law into the Ottawa parliament (#M103 - March 21, 2017) that classifies criticism of Islam as hate speech. If passed, this is the effective end of free speech in Canada.  Such discrimination is unheard of in Canada and means that all other faiths can be abused but not Islam.

Be warned, people. Shariah Law is being practiced in those communities across Britain that have predominant Pakistani populations. And what else is practiced? Abuses of womenfolk -  Female Genital Mutilation (#FGM) ; forced abductions of teenage girls (muslim and non-muslim) into slavery or marriage in Muslim dominant countries. In Britain, Muslim young men go round in packs calling white teenage girls showing too much skin as #sluts that has ended up in gang rape. Also Remember #Rotherham?

Upon reflection you know what is so great about #Crete? For the most part living here we know that the #Greeks and Cretans have long memories of their subjugation to Shariah under the #Ottoman Empire when the Pascha (local administrators) had harems made up of mainly Greek cherubic virgin underage girls. Just think about it. All that deflowering.

As a footnote, in the spat this past week between President Erdogan of Turkey and the Dutch government, Erdogan sent a message to the 100,000's of Turks many with Dutch passports in the Netherlands to have five babies to outnumber the traditional white and other minorities who have Christian values. Isn't that proof enough of the 21st Century Muslim Intifada unfolding against the west?

Be safe everyone and think about where our Christian value-based societies are going.

Please pass along this message. Spread the word.

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